Zhangjiagang hospital affiliated to Soochow University(The First People's Hospital of Zhangjiagang)

Zhangjiagang Hospital Affiliated to Soochow University (ZHSU) was founded in 1962 and it is the strategic cooperation partner hospital of Jiangsu Province Hospital in Nanjing, the cooperation centre of Zhongshan Hospital in Shanghai, and it is also the clinic teaching hospital of four universities which include Nanjing Medical University , Jiangsu University , Nantong University,  and Xuzhou Medical University. ZHSU is the largest public comprehensive hospital in Zhangjiagang city, the mission of which is to provide clinical treatment, medical teaching, scientific research and preventive health care. It is graded as 3B hospital by Chinese hospital grade classification system. The hospitalhas166,000 square meter structured area, which has 46 ward areas and 1492 beds for patients. According to the medical specialty evaluation standard in China, ZHSU has one provincial key department (orthopaedics), 8 city level (Soochow) key departments and 12 city level (Zhangjiagang city) key departments. ZHSU has been continuously ranked nations wide asNo.8 county-level hospital by the third party evaluation based on the comprehensive competitiveness and strength from year  2015 to year 2016. 

No.68 Jiyang West Road, Zhangjiagang City, Soochow, Jiang Su province, China, 215600