Stomatological Hospital Affiliated to Soochow University

Stomatological Hospital Affiliated to Soochow University is a secondary stomatological hospital. Founded in 1908, the hospital was formerly known as the Dental Hospital of Pingjiang District. Now, it is known as the Stomatological Hospital Affiliated to Soochow University, Suzhou Dental Hospital, and Suzhou Red Cross Dental Hospital; it is also a teaching hospital of Nanjing Medical University and Wannan Medical College, and a member unit of the standing committee of Stomatological Branch of Jiangsu Province Hospital Association; besides, the hospital is the sponsoring unit of Suzhou Stomatological Association and a standing executive member of Suzhou Health Management Academic Society at the same time. The hospital was continuously awarded the 11th municipal civilized unit and the fifth provincial civilized unit. The hospital undertakes dental medical treatments, teaching, scientific research, sickness prevention services and so on.

The hospital is equipped with a number of sophisticated medical devices, such as oral cavity scanners, microscopic root canal instrument, piezosurgery and so on. Divisions of the hospital are well equipped, with 12 first-level clinical departments. And the department of oral medicine is Suzhou city-level clinical key specialist. Moreover, the hospital has both prestigious experts and young doctors who have received the doctor's degree and master's degree and returned from abroad.

The hospital will adhere to the concept of "patient as the center" and strive to become a famous tertiary dental hospital in China.


No.1505 Renming Road,Gusu District,Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province