Professor Chi Lifeng Won 2016 ACS Nano Lectureship Awards

Recently, the American Chemical Society announced the results of 2016 ACS Nano Lectureship Awards on its official website. Professor Chi Lifeng at FUNSOM is listed among award winners and this is the first time that Chinese university researcher received the award.

ACS Nano Lectureship Awards are initiated by ACS Nano and sponsored by ACS. The awards were established in 2012, and bestowed once a year on a winner selected in the Americas, Europe, Middle East/Africa and Asia/Pacific Region respectively for their outstanding contributions to nano science and technology. Professor Christopher Murray at University of Pennsylvania and Professor Andrea Ferrari at University of Cambridge were also winners of the awards in 2016.

Professor Chi Lifeng is a distinguished visiting professor at FUNSOM, and specializes in the research on surface supramolecular chemistry. As a leading figure in the field of surface and interfacial assembly and Nano-characterization, she has made remarkable achievements in molecular self-assembly and reaction, and surface molecular pattern and structure features. Professor Chi Lifeng was listed in the "Thousand Talents Program" in 2011 and joined FUNSOM as distinguished visiting professor in 2012. Professor Chi Lifeng has published more than 310 papers which have been cited more than 7,000 times.