First Batch of 2016 National Natural Science Funds of Our University Received 286 Assistance and Ranked National Top 20 for Consecutive Five Years

Recently, National Natural Science Foundation of China announced review result of collective applied programs of 2016 National Natural Science Funds. Currently, 286 programs of our university received assistance and the number of established program ranked the 20th in national colleges and the first in local colleges, among which there were seven Excellent Youth Science Fund Programs ranked the 10th in the country. Moreover, there were also other programs acquired assistance, including 3 key programs, 2 programs of key international (regional) cooperative research, 1 program of joint fund, 149 general programs, 118 programs of Youth Science Fund, 1 program of Foreign Young Scholar Research Fund, 4 programs of international (regional) cooperative research and communication and 1 special program. Besides, several programs of other categories are under review.

In recent years, the university's leadership has attached great importance to technology work. During the declaration of National Natural Science Funds, it took efforts to make full use of increment, revitalize stock, maintain quantity, ensure quality and motivate and deploy relevant jobs for several times. Under a new circumstance, key points of technological service work have been transferring forward. Vice President Lu Jianmei personally led directors and relevant personnel of various departments of Scientific Technology Institution to various colleges/departments and several affiliated hospitals to conduct works on the spot and promote fund declaration job. He also personally hosted symposiums of outstanding youths, excellent youths, key points, declaration coaching of key international (regional) cooperative programs and experience communication conferences for several times. Various Units made ordered organization and solid promotion and invited relevant experts to give instructions and declaration experience according to respective subject features. Moreover, these invited experts solved questions and troubles teachers met during the declaration of fund programs, instructed bid revision, further improved the quality of declaration documents and enhanced the declaration passion of vast scientific research personnel.

The number of assistance programs of National Natural Science Fund of our university has already ranked in national top 20 for consecutive five years and still been rapidly developing. Despite of lots of difficulties and troubles, our university still achieved outstanding performances through persistent efforts of vast scientific research personnel, which shows out overall strength and profound scientific atmosphere of the university's fundamental research and applied research of natural science.