National Education Advisory Committee Conducts Special Research on the Modernization of Education at Soochow University

On the morning of December 23, the Provincial Overall Planning and Comprehensive Reform Group under the National Education Advisory Committee visited the University to conduct special research on the modernization of education. During this time, the Committee inspected the Collaborate Innovation Center of Suzhou Nano Science and Technology and conducted a seminar at the College of Nano Science & Technology.

As vice president, Ms. Jiang Xinghong welcomed the research group on behalf of the University. Vice President Jiang introduced the overall conditions of the University from such three aspects as general development, reform measures, and future prospects. According to her, the University will follow the "Indomitable Spirit" development approach, while promoting the "double first-class" development program and the integration development strategy of "a renowned university in a well-known city". In addition, the University will maintain these principles, including the reform-driven approach, quality building, talent and cultural empowerment, and the globalization strategy. Furthermore, the University will engage in comprehensive reforms, revert to its origins, and improve the quality of general schooling.  

Upon hearing the report, the research group members showed a rich interest in many issues under discussion, including talent cultivation, scientific research, team building, incentive measures, and international cooperation. Both parties engaged in an in-depth exchange and discussion over relevant issues.

As the leader of the Provincial Overall Planning and Comprehensive Reform Group, Mr. Wang Zhan highly affirmed the rapid development of the University during these years. According to him, as a local university, the University achieved rapid improvement in running its school. This is a remarkable success in higher education in Jiangsu Province and attracts great attention nationwide, which is attributed to the Party and government leaders, cadres, and all staff members at Soochow University. To promote the development and transformation, they have seized opportunities, utilized regional advantages to the fullest extent, and followed the law of education. Soochow University has traveled a unique path for rapid development of local universities in such aspects as talent introduction, team building, comprehensive reform, and development planning.

In view of the general background of education modernization, Mr. Wang Zhan proposed three recommendations. First, to better serve local development, the University shall fully utilize local advantages, grasp opportunities arising from the integration development of "a renowned university in a well-known city", and promote the construction and development of Soochow University. Second, to further improve the quality of schooling, the University shall highlight its development focuses and amass development advantages. Third, the University shall return to its origins, hold the identification of spiritual strength with high esteem, and cultivate the humanistic spirit and cultural confidence, which shall be integrated into the development and construction of the University. He anticipates that Soochow University shall make greater achievements during the "13th Five-Year Plan", while traveling along the characteristic road for local universities to transform into high-level research universities. As a result, this will contribute to the education modernization of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, and even China.