Two Projects of Soochow University Press Sponsored by National Publication Fund

Recently, National Publication Fund has announced its results of awarded projects. Two projects declared by Soochow University Press, Works of Mei Lanfang and the Research of Contemporary Chinese Instrument Creations, were sponsored after having been judged and approved by the committee.

Works of Mei Lanfang was chiefly edited by Qin Huasheng, and its artist consultant is Mei Baojiu, son of Mei Lanfang. The record maker, Zhang Zhiren, has chosen over 1000 music scores from great performances by this great master of opera. The book is divided into 10 volumes, in which ten elaborate arias are exhibited in each volume, including the backgrounds and introductions. Attached to the book is the CD of the precious vocal recordings of Mei Lanfang as well as his students. It is such a massive undertaking that the editors had spent 22 years working on it before completing.

Professor Gao Weijie is co-author, with Professor Song Jin,of Research of Contemporary Chinese Instrument Creations, which is a key project of ministry of education. The authors analyzed major achievements in the field of Chinese instrument creations, making the book the first relevant monograph.

The National Publication Fund, the third special fund in the name of the country following National Social Science Foundation and National Nature Science Foundation, aims to sponsor the publications of excellent public projects. According to statistics, there have been 532 sponsored projects over the country in 2017 while projects in Jiangsu Province account for 24.