Soochow University hits record high in its number of proposals accepted by National Natural Science Foundation of China, ranking 19th amongst all the Chinese universities in 2017

With the joint effort from leadership and all the applicants, this year's proposal of National Natural Science Foundation has rounded up satisfactorily. There have been over 1100 projects in the annual proposal for four consecutive years, and the number of this year is estimated to have reached up to 1250, which is ranked 19th among all the universities in China, the highest in our school's history.

The kick-off meeting for the application of National Natural Science Fund was held on the 27th, September last year in recognition of the importance of this program. It was stated in the meeting that teachers should build up confidence and grab the opportunity in an active manner. A series of meetings were convened by the vice-president Mr. Lu and the leaders of scientific research departments to advance the program. In the practice, teachers' puzzles and uncertainties were specifically and effectively settled, thus guaranteeing the quantity as well as the quality of teachers' proposals.

In the past few years, we have strengthened the work of guiding and organizing,    and played animportant role as the coordinator and service-provider in the application of National Natural Science Foundation. The concept of improving work quality and providing premium service has invariably been what we strive for. Meanwhile, the number of proposals has witnessed a steady increase owing to our teachers' consciousness of the management of scientific research, which to a large extent demonstrates our university's potential in development and capability of providing a terrific atmosphere for research. This year there are up to 1250 programs being proposed, which are categorized as followed:

1.General Program: 580

2.Key Program: 22

3.Major Research Plan: 1

4.Young Scientists Fund: 543

5.Research Fund for Foreign Youth Scholars: 1

6.Excellent Young Scientists Fund: 47

7.National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars: 24

8.Science Fund for Creative Research Groups: 2

9.Joint Research Fund for Overseas Chinese Scholars and Scholars in Hong Kong and Macao: 5

10.International (Regional) Cooperation and Exchange Programs: 5

11.Programs of Joint Funds: 14

12.Special Fund for Research on National Major Research Instruments: 5

13.Special Funds: 1