Professor Zhou Xiaofang entitled as IEEE Fellow

According to the announcement from Institute of Electronical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Professor Zhou Xiaofang from the School of Computer Science and Technology of Soochow University has been entitled as a new IEEE Fellow.


IEEE is dedicated to the development of research in electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering and allied disciplines, and has developed into one of the most influential academic research bodies in the world.IEEE is one of the world's largest association of technical professionals with more than 400,000 members in over 160 countries around the world.IEEE Fellow (sometimes FIEEE) is an award and fellowship granted to members of the Institute who have made extraordinary accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest. Each year less than 0.1% of the IEEE members could be entitled as IEEE Fellow.


Introduction to Professor Zhou Xiaofang:

Dr. Zhou Xiaofang is a member sponsored by the "One Thousand Talent" program of China and a leading researcher from University of Queensland, Australia. He is now working as a Term Professor at Soochow University with a number of honorable titles such as Director of Advanced Data Analysis Center of Soochow University, Principle Scientist of "863 Program", Standing Committee Member of Chinese Big Data Research Commission, Chair of IEEE Data Engineering Technology Committee. Professor Zhou has been focusing on the research areas of database, date mining, data quality administration, and big data management and application. Zhou's accomplishments also include serving as leaders in such associations as VLDB, ICDE, CIKM, ACM Multimedia, delivering speeches at various international conferences, and editing a number of core international journals, which together contributed to his entitlement of 2017 IEEE Fellow.