"Innovation Dialogue Suzhou 2017" Seminar Held in SIP

Focusing on the topic of "New era, new thoughts, and new journey: How Suzhou should innovate, explore and lead", the seminar of "Innovation Dialogue Suzhou 2017" was held at the Conference Center of Suzhou Industrial Park on 18th of December. The seminar was launched by Soochow University, supported by Suzhou Federation of Philosophy and Social Science Associations, and convened by the Dongwu Thinking Tank of Soochow University. 

A large number of famous scholars and experts as well as leaders from the local government and Soochow University attended the seminar. Some of the key figures include Mr. Zhou Naixiang, Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee; Mr. Li Yaping, Acting Mayor of Suzhou; Mr. Chen Zhengyi, Director of the Standing Committee of Suzhou People's Congress; and Professor Jiang Yong, Secretary of CPC Soochow University Committee.

At the beginning of the seminar, Secretary Jiang extended a cordial welcome to all the guests and also thanked the leaders and experts for their contribution to the development of Soochow University. Jiang highlighted that Soochow University and the Suzhou Municipal City have been co-working on a wide range of projects that have enhanced the collaborative development in various areas. Such a mutually beneficial strategy is also serving as a model for cooperation and development in Jiangsu Province. 

Acting Mayor Li Yaping pointed out that the seminar is not only for interpreting the rationales brought about in the 19th National Congress of the CPC, but also to serve as a key activity for the project of "Famous City and Famous University", which is a project aiming at promoting the win-win relationship between Suzhou City and Soochow University. According to Li, Suzhou is currently experiencing dramatic changes in terms of social and economic development; at such a critical stage, it is crucial and valuable that professional suggestions be provided for the further development of the city. 

Therefore, several famous scholars in different fields were invited join and deliver speeches at the seminar, including:

Professor Yang Ruilong: Deputy Director of University Affairs Committee of Renming University, Chang Jiang River Scholar;
Speech Title: Accelerate the implementation of an innovation-driven developing strategy by promoting the application of innovative thoughts and actions in industries

Mr. Xu Kangning: Counselor of Jiangsu Provincial Government and Professor of Southeastern University;
Speech Title: Directions and breakthroughs for the innovation and development of Suzhou in the
new era

Mr. Zhang Xiaoming: Former Deputy Director of Cultural Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;
Speech Title: New trends, thoughts, and strategies in cultural industries
Mr. Wang Zhen: Deputy Director of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences; Leading Talent of Shanghai Municipal City;
Speech Title: Reflections and suggestions about nurturing new drivers for Suzhou

Mr. Pei Tao: Researcher of Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research;
Speech Title: Digital economy derived from geographical big data

Mr. Ren Ping: Former President of Jiangsu Normal University; Expert of the Marx Theory Research and Construction Project; Profess of Soochow University;
Speech Title: Lead the innovation of Suzhou with the Suzhou Spirit in the new era

In his closing speech of the seminar, Secretary Zhou Naixiang expressed his gratitude to the scholars and the guests. He emphasized that a key purpose of seminar is to seek theoretical and knowledge support for the innovation and development of Suzhou Municipal City, because it is only through scientific research that wise decisions can be made for the continuous success in economic, cultural, and social development of the city. Zhou required that the CPC committees at different levels of Suzhou should strive to fulfill the task of driving social development via innovation, which was assigned by the 19th National Congress of the CPC. Zhou also stated that Suzhou should play a leading role in realizing the blueprint of "Strong, Wealth, Beautiful, Advanced" of Jiangsu Province, as was raised by President Xi Jinping. 

"Innovation Dialogue Suzhou 2017" is the fourth time that the seminar has been held; it is a key activity for the project of "Famous City and Famous University", an important decision-making consultation for Suzhou Municipal CPC Committee and Government, and also a valued part for the construction of new thinking tank systems.