Soochow Scholars Win First Prize of 2017 Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award

On January 26, the awarding ceremony for 2017 Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award of the Chinese Medical Association was held at the National Conference Center in Beijing. Professor Shen Zhenya with his team of cardiac macrovascular surgery from the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University was conferred the First Prize of the Award for their completion of the project "Key Techniques in the Clinical Transformation of Stem Cells in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases". This is the first time that the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow have won this prize.


The project conducted by Professor Shen and his team is of much international influence with 64 academic papers published about it, bringing the total Impact Factor to 291.705 and a total citation of 1046 times. One of the papers achieved an Impact Factor as high as 17.756 and it was cited for 179 times, including direct quotation by top journals such as Circulation Research and Stem Cells. Moreover, since the project started, 31 Master's students and 16 Ph.D students have graduated by participating in it and 9 of the doctoral students are now key figures in cardiac macrovascular surgical departments of some top hospitals in China. To conduct the project, the research team held international and national conferences on the transformation and regeneration of stem cells for five years consecutively while it also hosted national in-service educational programs for 7 years and trained 1560 people in total. With the development and the application of the technology of stem cell transplantation, a growing number of patients have been benefited both in China and abroad.