Professor Zhang Ming and Professor Zhang Yang Published in Top International Journal

Zhang Ming and Zhang Yang from the Department of Psychology of Soochow University published an article named "A Consumer-grade LCD Monitor for Precise Visual Stimulation" in the journal of Behavior Research Methods, a first-rate journal in the field of methodology studies of psychology published by American Association of Experimental Psychology (ranking the first in the category of Psychology Mathematics, and second in the category of Research Methods method category, Zone One of SSCI). This article provides an effective measuring and correcting method for the accurate presentation of stimuli on LCD monitors in the field of psychology research.


As basic psychology research has developed towards a deeper and higher level, how to accurately present visual stimuli has become a tricky problem that has confused many researchers in the field of psychology. CRT monitors, the “gold standard” that once stimulated the presentation, are increasingly unable to meet researchers’ needs because of such defects as ageing, small spatial field of view and high spatial dependence. Limited by its own technical characteristics, mainstream LCD monitor can’t provide the stimuli with high stability and time precision required for psychology research. Under this circumstance, the team responsible for the project used the homemade software and hardware to carry out systematic measurement and correction of the monitor based on ULMB technology, successfully solving this problem and providing breakthrough technical support for the accurate presentation of visual stimuli.


Lecturer Zhang Gongliang and graduate student Li Aisu from the Department of Psychology are the co-first authors of the paper. Associate professor Zhang Yang and Professor Zhang Ming from the Department of Psychology are co-corresponding authors of the paper. The work has received joint support from the Fund Project of Chinese National Natural Science Foundation, Social Science Fund Project of Jiangsu Province and Graduate Innovation Project of Jiangsu Province.