Establishing Ceremony Held for National Key Laboratory of Radiation Medicine and Radiation Protection

On October 30, the establishing ceremony of National Key Laboratory of Radiation Medicine and Radiation Protection was held at the lecture hall in Binglin Library ofDushu Lake Campus, Soochow University. Leaders including Jing Maofrom Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department, Vice Mayor Cao Houling from Suzhou Municipal Government, Ms. Xia Fang from SIP Administration, and President Jiang Yong of Soochow University attended this ceremony. Besides, representatives of faculties and students of Medical College, local hospitals, universities and corporations also presented at the ceremony. Mr. Wan Famiao, director of scientific and technological organization and condition division of Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department, presided over the ceremony.


At first, Jing Mao announced the Approval of the Establishment of a National Key Laboratory of Radiation Medicine and Radiation Protection Co-initiated by Provincial Department (National Science Foundation [2018] 161) from Science and Technology Department and Jiangsu Provincial government. He suggested that the laboratory should carry out basic researches and basic researches for application with regional characteristics so that it will benefit the regional scientific innovation and local economic development.


Afterwards, Wan Famiao announced the appointments of director, vice directors and office director of the laboratory. Jing Mao granted the letter of appointment to Academician Chai Zhifangas the director of the laboratory. Lu Jianmei granted the letters of appointment to vice directors: Shi Yufang, GaoMingyuan, Hua Daoben, Dai Kesheng, Zhu Li and Xu Jiaying for their roles respectively.


Then, Academican Chai Zhifang gave an account on the orientation, purpose and direction of the laboratory and its major achievements in 2018 from aspects such as radiobiological effect and mechanism, advanced radiologic diagnosis and treatment as well as radiation protection. He promised that this laboratory, based on radiobiological effect, aimed at radiologic diagnosis and treatment, will become an advanced institution full of local characteristics. In addition, it will try its best to cultivate talents with specialty in radiation medicine and radiation protection. Finally, it will develop national service by promoting resource sharing and achievement transformation with other laboratories.


Other representatives, including Hou Jianquan, Director of First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, and Professor Jiang Yong, President of Soochow University, also addressed at the ceremony.In President Jiang Yong’s speech, he pointed out that the approval of constructing the laboratory is a milestone and an important model for the construction of scientific research platforms at universities. It is inseparable from those leaders and experts who have long-term cared for, helped and supported Soochow University, especially those who have highly supported the construction and development of national key laboratories. As an institution that supports the laboratory, Soochow University will, according to the requirements of the construction of “national key laboratories”, earnestly further enhance the support of funds, sites, and policies; give preferential treatment in post appointment, performance appraisal, remuneration package, scientific research, postgraduate enrollment, results transformation and personnel training; make further efforts to reinforce the sustainable development ability and comprehensive competitiveness; and spare no efforts to ensure the operation and construction of the laboratory.

Cao Houling said that Suzhou Municipal Government has attached great importance to education and technological innovation. In the future, it will consistently support the construction and operation of National Key Laboratory, create a beneficial environment for the development of laboratory in all aspects and enable it to be a significant innovation platform to promote the transformation and development of Suzhou.

Amid the warm applause, Jing Mao, Cao Houling, Xia Fang, Jiang Yong, Lu Jianmei and Chai Zhifangjointly unveiled the plaque for the National Key Laboratory.

It is reported that under the leadership of Academician Chai Zhifang, the lab has, in the past 5 years, undertaken over 100 national and provincial scientific research projects, of which more than 70% were state projects. It has won 3 national awards, 5 provincial and ministerial awards, and has been granted 50 national patents. Among 448 SCI published papers, 5 of them were selected as “China’s Top.100 influential international academic papers”. Great contributions in monitoring radiation environment, surveying high background radioactivity, selecting and evaluating nuclear powersites, industrializing nuclear technology, and personnel training of radiation protection were made by the lab.

As the first national key laboratory of radiation medicine and radiation protection co-initiated by provincial department, the plan for the construction and operation of this laboratory provedviable in June 2018. On September 10, the Science and Technology Department officially approved the construction of the laboratory for a span of five years. During this period, the Science and Technology Department will assist the laboratory in establishing its academic exchanges and cooperation with professional counterparts of other national key laboratories. Jiangsu Provincial Government will provide special funds annually to support its construction, routine operation, independent scientific researches and talent introduction and training. Meanwhile, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department will also support original innovation, result transformation and personnel training of the laboratory through provincial science and technology projects.