Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum of 2018 Held at Suzhou

Recently, Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum of 2018themed “From Research to Industry”and the establishment ceremony of the Academic Committee of Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Soochow University have been held at the Dushu Lake Conference Center, SIP, Suzhou. Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and influential scientists and entrepreneurs in the field of artificial intelligence in the world were invited to give keynote speeches and exchanges with respect to the frontiers of artificial intelligence technology, industry trends and related hotspots. Wu Qingwen, member of the Standing Committee of the Suzhou Municipal Committee, also Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park, Lu Chunyun, ViceMayor, and Lu Jianmei, ViceSecretary of the CPC Committee and Vice President of Soochow University, attended the forum. The forum was chaired by Zhang Min, deputy dean of Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Soochow University.


In his speech, Lu Chunyun said that artificial intelligence was integrated with with economy and society and promotion of development of artificial intelligence through application had become one of main lines of development of artificial intelligence. The Suzhou Municipal Government took development of artificial intelligence as a new leading industry, and had been promoting cooperation between local governments and universities, and had provided strong technical support for development of artificial intelligence by establishing common sources and sharing technology platforms. The Suzhou Municipal Government was willing to provide corresponding policy measures and basic support to help experts establish platforms, enterprises, and industrialization conversion bases in Suzhou.



Lu Jianmei said that the century-old Soochow University had a strong academic foundation, and it had a good tradition of basic theoretical research and followed the good practice from theoretical research to industrial transformation. In recent years, in the process of building a high-level research university, Soochow University has been actively exploring the road of integration of production, teaching and research to achieve development of serving economy and society and promote “Double First-Class” construction. It was hoped that local economic development was better served by relying on vast disciplines, strong scientific and technological resources and high-level teams of Soochow Universities and centering on national and local needs.


Ling Xiaofeng, Academician of Canadian Academy of Engineering and Dean of Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Soochow University, expressed his warm welcome to the experts. He pointed out that the original purpose and goal of setting up the institute was to combine research with industry. In less than one year, the institute had introduced a number of experts both at home and abroad, who had jointly published papers and had succeeded in applying for new programmes. The institute had conducted in-depth discussions and cooperations with several large enterprises in Suzhou to establish joint laboratories and research centers. Artificial intelligence had had a huge effect on the industry. It was hoped that work of the institute would have a more positive effect on industrial development of Suzhou with the strong support of the Suzhou Municipal Government and Soochow University.


In the second part of reporting stage, Gao Wen, Professor of Peking University, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Fellow of the American Computer Society, Fang Binxing, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering,Chairman of Chinese Information Processing Society of China, Chairman ofCybesecurity Associationof China, Yang Qiang, Chair Professor of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chairman of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Xiong Hui, Professor of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey of America, Director of Baidu Business Intelligence Lab, Distinguished Scientist of Association for Computing Machinery, Lin Dekang, Co-founder ofSingulariti, formerFounder and Technical director of Google Search and Answers System, made fiveprofessional reports repectively on Cinematic Visual Computing,Three Spaces of Artificial Intelligence Securityfrom the Perspective of Risk, Meeting the Next Challenge of Artificial IntelligenceMigration Learning and Federal Learning, Frontiers of Data DrivenArtificial Intelligence, Letting the Machine Read the Human Exploration AnswersSystem and Machine Reading Comprehension. Experts shared their unique examples and distinctive perspectives on artificial intelligence and industry applications.


During the conference, the inauguration ceremony of the academic committee was held by Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Soochow University. Gao Wen and Fang Binxingwere hired as Chairmen, Yang Qiang, Ling Xiaofeng and Cao Jinde as Vice Chairmen; Jia Yan, Xiong Hui, Lin Dekang, GuoMinyi, Chen Yiqiang, Zhang Chengqi, Zhou Xiaofang, Zhang Min as Members,andZhuQiaoming as Secretary General. The Academic Committee of Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Soochow University, composed of experts and scholars in the field of artificial intelligence in the world, would become a think tank of disciplinary developement of artificial intelligenceof Soochow University and related enterprises in Suzhou.