Research: Academician Liu Zhongfan and Professor Sun Jingyu's Progress and Achievement

The graphene is widely used in energy storage and wearable devices application due to its superior properties. However, there are still many challenges in this area and the controllable production of graphene materials for energy applications has been a hot topic inacademia and industry.


In the past two years, Academician Liu Zhongfan and Professor Sun Jingyu's research teamfrom the College of Energy of Soochow University has achieved innovative research results in controllable direct production and energy storage application of olefiniccarbon materials (Soochow University is the first unit). Some of their academic findings can be achieved from papers including:

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  • Nano Energy 2019, DOI: 10.1016/j.nanoen.2019.104190.


Recently, under the guidance of the research direction of the "Key Laboratory of Advanced Carbon Materials and Wearable Energy Technologies of Jiangsu Province", the team has made a series of progress in the alkene-basedprinted energy storage system and the multi-field coupling wearable energy devices(Soochow University is the first unit).In addition, the team designed a self-powered energy unit with high flexibility, portability and security, which provides a new feasible scheme for the construction of a future-oriented wearable system.Their latest research papers include:

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