The Convening of the Summit on International Communication in the Great Transformation

From November 16th to 18th, the Summit on International Communication in the Great Transformation, sponsored by Soochow University and hosted by the School of Communication, was successfully held.More than 70 experts and scholars from universities, communication institutions and social organizations at home and abroad exchanged views on many issues, such as the current complex situation of China's Internationalcommunication anditsstrategies andpaths of International communication under the background of "The Belt and Road".



Lu Yufang, Director of Suzhou Broadcasting System and Dean of the School of Communication of Soochow University, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony and addressed that in order to build Suzhou into an international metropolis, it is necessary to enhance the dissemination and influence of Chinese culture. Liu Biao, vice President of Soochow University, also stated that in the current ever-changing international situation, finding the common ground between countries for collaborative progress and cultural exchanges is imperative. Many experts and scholars also made speeches at the summit.Some suggested that the concept of "constructive news" should be used to reinterpret the international communication of Chinese media so as to break the dominant pattern of western journalism and construct a "community of academic destiny".



The summit ignited a new thought spark for the study of international communication and the School of Communication of Soochow University will continue to play an important role in international communication studies.