Agricultural Science of Soochow Ranks among the Top 1% of ESI Disciplines Worldwide

Recently, according to the latest data released by ESI (basic science indicators) database, Soochow University has added its agricultural science to the top 1% of disciplines in the world.


Up to now, out of the 22 ESI disciplines, Soochow University has 13 disciplines ranked in the top 1% of the world.They are:Chemistry, Materials Science, Clinical Medicine, Physics, Engineering, Pharmacy and Toxicology, Biology and Biochemistry, Neuroscience and Behavioral Science, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Immunology, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Agricultural Science. Moreover, it is noticeable thatChemistry and Materials Science are among the top 1‰ of ESI globally.


Statistics show that within the statistical range of ESI data, SoochowUniversity has published 296 SCI papers in Agricultural Science, with a total of 2470 citations and including 8.34 citations per article on average.These figures demonstrated the fact that Soochow University’s agricultural science has become one of the most advanced disciplines of this kind in the world, and has high academic influence and peer recognition in its scientific research ability, innovation ability, discipline construction ability and so on.


ESI is a basic analytical evaluation tool for measuring scientific research performance and tracking scientific trends launched by the institute for scientific information of US in 2001.It is an econometric analysis database based on more than 10 million records of more than 12,000 academic journals collected by SCIE/SSCI.


At present, ESI has become one of the most important evaluation indicators to evaluate the international academic level and influence of universities, academic institutions and countries/regions around the world.Its database is divided into 22 subject areas, covering tens or even hundreds of thousands of different research units around the world.