The National Blood System Disease Clinical Medical Research Center Established at Children's Hospital Affiliated to Soochow University

On the afternoon of April 9, the opening ceremony of the National Blood System Disease Clinical Medical Research Center was held at Children's Hospital Affiliated to Soochow University.


Established in 1959, the hematology department of Children’s Hospital is the only provincial children's blood key specialty, of which the number of bed prepared for patient expanded from 10 to 200 gradually. The number of newly diagnosed acute leukemia patients reached 350 in 2006, and 150 patients completed allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation annually. The number of patients is at the leading level, and they are from all over the country.


As a 60-year-old third-grade class-Ahospital specialized for children, the Children’s Hospital attached to Soochow University still constantly makes efforts in many aspects, such as in the play of children's specialist advantage, continuous improvement of medical services, ensuring the children’s health in the region. It has also achieved great progress in paediatrics construction, scientific research development, teaching and training, counterpart support, public welfare, charity and so on. Currently, COVID 19 epidemic prevention and control has gradually entered the normal stage, and various medical and health services are also carried out on a regular basis. The establishment of the national blood system disease clinical medical research center in Suzhou is an honor.

At the ceremony, vice president Chen Weichang and other leaders jointly unveiled the board for the research center.


The national clinical research center will provide a larger platform for the development of the hematology department to promote the fast development of diagnosis and research and offering  a better service for patients.