Research Fellow Chen Linsen Won the Fourth “Award of Outstanding Engineers”

According to International Scientific Exchange Foundation of China, Research Fellow Chen Linsen from School of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering at Soochow University won the Fourth “Award of Outstanding Engineers”.

“The Award of Outstanding Engineers” was set up by International Scientific Exchange Foundation of China, and approved by the National Science and Technology Award Office of the Ministry of science and technology in 2011. The Award is to reward enterprise engineers and technicians who have made outstanding contributions in the field of production and construction throughout the country.  The award is selected every two years and is currently the most authoritative award for engineering and technical personnel covering the most extensive areas.

The following the introduction of Research Fellow Chen Linsen.

Research Fellow Chen Linsen was born in January1961. He was also the Doctoral Supervisor. He enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council. He was mainly engaged in the frontier research and industrial application in the field of micro-nano optics and flexible manufacturing.

He graduated from Physics Department at former Jiangsu Normal College in 1982, and got his master’s degree in Soochow University in 1986. He served as Director of Institute of Information Optical Engineering, and Director of High Technology Industry Research Institute successively. In 2001, He founded SVG Tech Group and was listed on the Second-board Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

In addition, he made great inventions and won a series of honors at the national and provincial level.