Professor Yan Chenglin from College of Energy, Soochow University Has Published New Progress of Green Low-carbon Synthetic Ammonia

Climate change and carbon neutralization are the focus of the current international community. China promises to strive to achieve carbon neutralization by 2060. A new energy revolution is coming all over the world. Ammonia has the advantages of inexpensiveness, facileness, volatility, convenient storage, low pollution and high calorific value required by common fuels. As a potential substitute for fossil fuels, ammonia economy may be formed in the future.


Recently, Professor Yan Chenglin from College of Energy has published new progress of green low-carbon synthetic ammonia, with the title of “Proton-filtering covalent organic frameworks with superior nitrogen penetration flux promote ambient ammonia synthesis” in the journal of Nature Catalysis.


The achievement provides a strong guidance for realizing green ammonia production at the practical application level, and has very important scientific significance and application value in building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system.

Professor Yan Chenglin is the corresponding author. The first authors include Phd Candidate Liu Sisi, Associate Researcher Qian Tao and Phd Candidate Wang Mengfan from College of Energy, Soochow University.