The Team of Academician Li Yongfang from College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Published the Research Paper in Nature Energy

On November 1st, the research paper, entitled by A guest-assisted molecular-organization approach for >17% efficiency organic solar cells using environmentally friendly solvents which was completed by the team of Academician Li Yongfang from  College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, was published in the international top journal of Nature Energy. The work solved various problems in the large-area and high-efficiency OSCs processed from green solvents, paving the way for industrial development of OSCs.





 In 2014, Academician Li Yongfang established the Key Laboratory of Advanced Optoelectronic Materials of Soochow University through the integration of existing teachers and the introduction of external talents.


After seven years of development, the team led by Academician Li Yongfang established Suzhou Key Laboratory of Novel Semiconductor Optoelectronic Materials and Devices, with 6 professors, 2 associate professors and 3 highly cited scientists in the world. At present, the main research directions of the team were organic or polymer solar cell photovoltaic materials, organic or polymer solar cell device, and perovskite solar cell.


Li Yaowen who is a professor and doctoral supervisor from College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science,Soochow University. His main research interests are optoelectronic functional materials and devices.

Research work has been carried out around organic and perovskite solar cells for a long time. At present, more than 100 SCI papers have been published in high-level journals such as Nature Energy, Nature Communications, Joule, Journal of the American Chemical Society, and Advanced Materials .More than 10 invention patents have been obtained. The papers published by him are cited more than 6000 times. The H factor is 43.