Professor Shen Mingrong’s Team published the Research Paper in Energy & Environmental Science

Recently, Doctor Fan Ronglei, Professor Ju Sheng and Professor Shen Mingrong has made innovative findings in constructing effective stable Si photocathode in photoelectrochemical hydrogen production. The team reported that oxygen-vacancy-rich Ni(OH)2 nanosheets were developed as an ideal multifunctional layer between an Ir catalyst and Ni protected Si photocathode, which could not only effectively capture and stabilize atomic Ir via the newly formed O–Ir–O bonds, but also significantly enhance the reaction kinetics by accelerating charge and mass transport and reducing the energy barriers of both the Volmer and Tafel steps. The research raised the effective  cluster method of monoatomic catalyst and the photoelectrode, offering the avenue to achieve highly efficient and durable PEC devices.

The research findings with the tile of Oxygen-vacancy-rich nickel hydroxide nanosheet: a multifunctional layer between Ir and Si toward enhanced solar hydrogen production in alkaline media was published in Energy& Environmental Science on May 25th in 2022.