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Report in Soochow University by Academician of Chinese Academy of Science and the General Designer of Chang'e 5 Lunar Probe

On March 25th, the general designer of Chang'e 5 lunar probe, chief expert in space technology and deep space exploration, and academician of Chinese Academy of Science Ye Peijian visited Soochow University and made a Special Report themed the Space Technology of China. Over a hundred of teachers and students from the War Industry Office, Department of Science Technology and Industry, Soochow University,Division of Physics, Photo-electricity and Energy and the School of Computer Science and Technology participated in the public lecture. Professor Wang Qinhua, Executive Director of the Division of Physics, Photo-electricity and Energy hosted the very lecture.

Academician Ye explained the profound development of the space business in China as well as the status quo and futureof Chinese Lunar Exploration Program with simple words. He remarked that the space project of China can be divided into 3 major parts, namely applications satellites, manned space flight, and deep space exploration. The most important space business in our country remained to be the applications satellites used for national economy and national defense construction. Besides, our mannedspace flight project also aimed at building own space station in the coming years.

In his lecture, Academician Ye mentioned that the manned space flight project of China can also be described as a three-step development strategy: Firstly, realizing the dream of entering space, secondly, further breaking through basic technologies,realizing the plans of multi-manned and multi-day space flight, conducting extra-vehicular activity in space, and accomplishing rendezvous and dockingb etween the flight and space station; thirdly, building our own space station.Ye also introduced the development history and status quo of deep space exploration at abroad and expounded the significance of the very business.Except for acquiring space resources, showing national strength and promoting technology development, he also believed that exploring the spirit of innovation was also very important.

At the end of the lecture, Ye said that the great achievements made in the space business of China should be attributed to the caring from generations of leaders, the support of people across the country and constant perseverance of space man.Confronting the fierce competitions in space, we Chinese shall not cease to advance, but step further and shoulder more important responsibilities.

Warm applauses of the audience during the whole lecture suggested Ye’s great knowledge, sagacious opinions, amusing words and abundant information. While leading us to the exploration of space technology of China, Academician Ye also made cordial communications and interactions with the students and teachers in Soochow University.