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12th Postgraduates Festival for Academy, Culture, S&T and 2015 Dongwu Forum Held at Soochow University

On the morning of April 26th, the 12th Postgraduates Festival for Academy, Culture, S&T and 2015 Dongwu Forum themed “Maker Era, Wisdom Future” was held at the Lecture Hall of Laura Haygood Memorial, thus to respond the appeals of Premier Li Keqiang on entrepreneurship,enrich related activities and establish an all-round guidance system.

With distinctive ideas and patterns, the very festival made full interactions with presented teachers and students via Wechat, a new media platform. With increases on the degree of participation, the promotion of video of the festival finally publicized and left a deep impression on the attendees by introducing the advanced academic situations, innovation achievements and representative works of every college (department) of Soochow University comprehensively with multiple layers.

On the opening ceremony, the Makerspace for Postgraduates of Soochow University was established so as to provide a sharing space for those makers with the pursuits of entrepreneurships. Vice President Xiong Sidong unveiled the nameplate of the Makerspace and addressed related speeches.He pointed out that adhering to the themes of the era always remained to be the standards of every festival. With the characteristics of innovation, thesef estivals would provide a spiritual feast for teachers and postgraduates. As a key activity of Soochow University, the Postgraduates Festival for Academy,Culture, S&T should update its contents, pay attention to original patterns and improve the quality of services. Besides, it should also influence other colleges and universities, and further expand its popularity and influence. He hoped that students in Soochow University could review the history carefully and conclude relevant experiences thus to prolong and extend the culture of the university via continuous efforts.

After the opening ceremony, there came the Creative WorksE xhibition for Postgraduates themed “Maker Era, Wisdom Future”. With the intellectual supports from campus makers and the conceptual structure of creative designs,the exhibition showed the maker culture of the university comprehensively with multiple layers and six exhibition areas including Enjoying S&T, Scientific Imagination, Pioneers of Makers, Creative Life, Audio Video Space and Condensed Strength. Presented leaders and representatives for other colleges and universities visited the exhibition and had face-to-face interactions with the makers. There are too many things for the eyes to take in, including automatically sun-tracing solar power equipment, 3D printer used for model printing, rehearsal robot with various difficult gymnastic movements and horizontal bar techniques,and stylish Soochow University-themed baseball uniforms.

The very afternoon witnessed the beginning of 2015 Dongwu Forum for Postgraduates. Representatives from the postgraduate unions of 27 universities including Southeast University, Tongji University, Shanghai JiaoTong University and Zhejiang University, all gathered here for the very forum. As the first forum in Eastern China themed “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”for postgraduates in universities, Dongwu Forum organized by the Postgraduate Union of Soochow University, also endeavored to integrate related resources among the universities in Eastern and Southern China so as to build a mechanism of entrepreneurship and innovation platform for postgraduates.

As a representative for makers in Soochow University, Dr.Li Weida introduced the general situation of Xiaoping technological innovation team featured medical rehabilitation robots. And Vice Chairman Liu Zhenyuan of the Postgraduate Union also introduced the cutting-edge achievements and entrepreneurship guidance mechanism of Soochow University to the representatives presented in the meeting. In addition, student representatives from many other universities(including Zhejiang University, Southeast University,South China University of Technology, TongjiUniversity, Chongqing University and University Of Science And Technology OfChina) also showed the elegant demeanor of makers in their universities via PPT and emphasized that Postgraduate Unions should play a pivotal role in leading and encouraging talents to participate in Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

In addition, the attendees of the forum also exchanged their ideas and had discussions on related issues such as how to deepen the reformson students' organization among universities via self-innovation; how to cultivate entrepreneurships of postgraduates and promote maker culture via new media platforms and cultural guidance; and how to inspire the innovation energy of postgraduates and build a new engine for the reforms and development of universities via a good ecological environment for entrepreneurship and innovation.