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The Second Congress and Seminar of Jiangsu Association of Pathophysiology Held in our Campus

From May 9th to 10th,the Second Congress and Seminar of Jiangsu Association of Pathophysiology,hosted by the Association, co-hosted by Nanjing Medical University and organized by Soochow University, was held successfully in our campus.

The congress for members of the association came after the opening ceremony. Several issues have been approvedby the congress including the Work Reportfor the First Council of Jiangsu Association of Pathophysiology made by Director General Chen Qi, the report for the modifications towards the Charter of Jiangsu Association of Pathophysiology and the name lists for the members of the first board of supervisors and thes econd council of the association and its director general and deputy director general.

Centered on the hot issues and key points appeared in related scientific researches and teaching processes, attendees ofthe seminar exchanged their own ideas and evaluated some excellent theses. Besides,the very seminar was filled with 2 keynote speeches (one made by Professor Qin Zhenghong of Soochow University and one from Professor Liang Xiubin of Nanjing Medical University), 5 special reports, 13 reports from young scholars, and the academic exchanges made by many postgraduates and young scholars with posted research achievements. The contents discussed included the hot issues appeared in recent medical researches such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolism and inflammation,and embodied the styles and achievements made by the researchers of our province in the field of pathophysiology.

The very congress and seminar showed the latest research achievements of our province in pathophysiology and related disciplines. It promotedrelated disciplinary development, prospered the academic exchanges and improvedthe quality of teaching and scientific researches in our province effectively.