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International Academic Conference Held to Celebrate the Centennial of Soochow University Law School

From September 3rd to 4th, the International Academic Conference to Celebrate the Centennial of Soochow University Law School was held at Kenneth Wang School of Law. Over 300 attendees presented the conference including experts from famous law schools (Law School of Peking University,Tsinghua University, Renmin University, Soochow University in Taiwan, East China University of Political Science and Law, and Zhongnan University of Economics and Law), representatives from the law circles of America, teachers from Kenneth Wang School of Law and our school mates.

On the morning of September 3rd, the opening ceremony was held at Soochow Auditorium of Kenneth Wang School of Law, President Hu Yuhong of the Law School, served as the host of the ceremony. Based on historical facts, the video “Reviewing the Past Century” played at the very beginning showed the glories and reputations of the Law School in the past century, recorded the contributions made to the nation and its people by the lawyers of the school, and described the development and achievements of Kenneth Wang School of Law.

President Pan Weida of Soochow University in Taiwan expressed his cordial congratulations to the centennial of Kenneth Wang School of Law and emphasized the significance and effects of cross-straits exchanges on laws.

Many letters of congratulations from institutes such as the Institute of Law of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Southwest University of Political Science & Law have been read at the conference. Just before the seminar,over a hundred of institutes and organizations, including teaching and R&D institutions,people’s courts and procuratorates, and law offices, expressed their best wishes to the centennial of Kenneth Wang School of Law by sending congratulations and gifts. Besides, the couplets written by Professor Xu Xianming, deputy secretary general of the Political and Judiciary Commission under the Central Committee of the CPC, also expounded the deep connotation of the school motto of Soochow University,

In order to express our gratitude to Mr. Wang Jialian’s(son of Kenneth Wang) generous donation to the school of law, the University conferred him a “Special Contribution Certificate”. Besides, Secretary Wang Zhuojun also read the terms of respect on the certificate at the conference.

After accepting the trophy and certificate with delight, Mr. Wang Jialian made an enthusiastic speech. In his address, Mr.Wang reviewed his father’s learning experience here in Soochow University and expounded his understandings to the father’s gratitude and original intention of donation. He also remarked that he was satisfied with the rapid development of Kenneth Wang School of Law in recent years.

In the group discussions afterwards, experts and scholars presented in the conference kept many consensus and different opinions on several themes such as “Reviews on the Experience and Achievements of Law Education in Soochow University”, “the Significance of Law Education in Soochow University to Contemporary Teaching Causes”, “Researches on the Reforms and Plans for the Cultivation Mechanism of Legal Personnel”, and “Researches on the Problems of Constructions and Education of Law”.

In order to enhance related interactions, on the morning of September 4th,the conference set up a “session for law education and legal practices”, and initiated communication between judges, procurators, lawyers, administrative law enforcement officials and professors in the field. All the attendees discussed relevant law education expected by legal practices and concluded the successes and failures of law education on cultivating the practical skills of students.

After that, the International Academic Conference to Celebrate the Centennial of Soochow University Law School came to an end successfully.

It is worth mentioning that in order to facilitate the very conference, Kenneth Wang School of Law had published an 8-volumn (including Nomology, History of Law, Science of Constitution and Administrative Laws, Science of Criminal Laws, Science of Civil Laws, Commercial Laws, Economic Laws & Social Laws, Science of International Laws, Judicial System and Law Education) masterpiece, Collected Works of Worthy Predecessors of Soochow University Law School. The book gathered the academic papers published during the Republic of China by our scholars and relisted their wonderful opinions and ideas. Meanwhile, a special section for the centennial had also been set up in the Journal of Soochow University Law Edition. Invited by the university, many masters, such as Pan Weida, Yang Yihua, He Qinhua, Yao Li, Xu Zhangrun, Fan Zhongxin, Kenneth Wang, wrote related articles to review the excellent achievements of law education in Soochow University and analyze the academic thoughts of worthy predecessors with themes like “Reviews to the Law Education of Soochow University”, “Studying the Achievements of Law Predecessors in Soochow University”, “Comments on the Anecdotes Occurred to the Law School”, and “Referring to the Law Education in Soochow University”.