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SU Holds the "6th Deans' Conference"

On the afternoon of January 11th, our university held the "6th Deans' Conference". President Xiong Sidong, deputy presidents, deans of different schools (colleges) and heads of all functional departments and scientific research institutions attended the conference.

President Xiong Sidong pointed out that the "Deans' Conference" has become a regular meeting for promoting a multitude of the university's work. This regular meeting, as the last deans' conference in this semester, adopted an interactive dialogue to discuss the problems arising from the development of the university (respective schools and colleges)and the construction and development of our university.

At the meeting, the heads of different schools  made a speech concerning the problems with discipline construction, faculty construction, undergraduate talent cultivation, scientific research and international cooperation. They expressed that as our university at a critical period of striving to be a "double first-class" institution, our university should further strengthen faculty construction, talent introduction and cultivation. The university also needs to formulate scientific and reasonable systematic management methods, optimize assessment and evaluation mechanisms, improve the management plan for increasing of doctoral and master's supervisors. In addition to this make a  strong effort to motivate talents' teaching and scientific research, which should pay great attention to the important role of first-class undergraduate education in first-class discipline and first university construction. Lastly there needs to be a concerted effort in introducing high-level talents into undergraduate teaching, and promote integration of teaching and scientific research, which should further facilitate industry-university-research cooperation. All of this should be underpinned by enhancing the ability to serve the society; and strengthen cooperation with high-level universities and further improve our university's international influences.

Following this, vice-presidents Lu Jianmei, Tian Xiaoming and Jiang Xinghong made their respective speeches. They expressed that this "Deans' Conference" is a valuable opportunity for exchange and learning. The heads of different schools (colleges) put forward many common problems at the meeting, which can facilitate relevant functional departments in making effective solutions and further promote our university's construction and development. They pointed out that our university should further reform the scientific research review, assessment and incentive mechanisms, motivate scientific research personnel's innovation vitality, attach a greater importance to the role of cultural construction in our university's development, give play to the specialty of humanists, properly carry out the review of undergraduate teaching work in 2017, and promote construction and reform with review so as to enchance the quality of undergraduate education.

Targeting the topics all people were concerned about, President Xiong Sidong conducted a real dialogue with those present at the meeting.  

At last, President Xiong Sidong pointed out that the "Deans' Conference" is an exchange platform where university's carry out important arrangement and exploration of key work and is also a significant platform for our university's executive team to discuss management. He required that relevant functional departments should formulate effective solutions to facilitate the effective practice of all kinds of work based on the common problems proposed at this meeting.