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President of Cafoscari University of Venice Visited Our University

On the morning of 27th February, the president of Cafoscari University of Venice, Michele Bugliesi, the international vice president of the university, Tiziana Lippiello, and Counselor of Consulate General of the Republic of Italy in Shanghai, Roberto Pagani, visited our school. Xiong Sidong, the president of Soochow University, warmly received the visiting delegation atHonglou Conference Center.

President XiongSidong, on behalf of the school, welcomed the delegation and briefed the guests on the basic situation of Suzhou and Soochow University. President Xiong said that linked by the establishment of the Cafoscari University of Venice’s office inour school, both sides may transcend geographic boundaries, further enhance and deepen the collaboration. President Xiong expressed his gratitude to the strong support from Cafoscari University of Venice as well as the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai and promised that Soochow University would do as much as possible for the operation and management of the Office. He said he very much looked forward to the building of joint laboratory and joint center for culturalstudies with Cafoscari University of Venice, in order to promote student exchange, teacher exchange and scientific collaboration in research.He also said that it would contribute to China’s “The Belt and Road” strategy with historical and cultural achievements in research.

President Bugliesi expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of President Xiong and introduced the basic situation of Venice and Cafoscari University of Venice. He said establishing the office was an important step of their internationalization strategy and it would certainly facilitate the communication between students as well as teachers in a more flexible manner, attract more prominent international scholars to participate in joint research and promote Italian-Chinese culture. He also said he completely agreed with President Xiong’sproposal on setting up joint laboratory and joint center for cultural studies and Cafoscari University of Venice would act as a strong support. “I’m sure that our work together will be the epitome of Sino-Italian collaboration”, he added.

Counselor Pagani said that he was commissioned by Consul-General, Mr. Stefano Beltrame, to witness the signing of  Memorandum of Cooperation and the unveiling of the Cafoscari University of Venice’s office in Soochow University. “The Consulate General will do its utmost to support the cooperation and exchanges between Soochow University and Cafoscari University of Venice”, he continued,“  combined with two famous universities and Italian enterprises in Suzhou, we will promote development in each of the two noted historic and cultural cities in the fields of culture, economy and science and technology”.

Subsequently, delegates from both sides witnessed the signing of “Memorandum of Cooperation between Soochow University and Cafoscari University of Venice” and “Memorandum of Cafoscari University of Venice’s Office in Soochow University”. Then, President Xiong and President Bugliesi jointly inaugurated the Office.