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Associate Professor Zhang Youjunfrom Electromechanical Engineering College publishesa paper in the leading international authoritative journal IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

Recently, Associate Professor Zhang Youjun from Electromechanical Engineering College at Soochow University publishesan academic paper named π model AC-AC Converter with Controllable Phase and Amplitude in adistinguished leading international authoritative journal IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics as the first author and the corresponding author (it is the first area journal in CAS Journal SCI Subarea and TOP in the first area of Engineering Technology Category with 3-year impact factor 6.460)and has published online on IEEE Xplore (DOI:10.1109/TIE.2017.2681998). The paper version will be printed this year.

This paper focuses on AC converter controllable in single-phase, three-phase and amplitude. In order to overcome the defects of large-capacity DC energy storage components like high malfunction rate and short life span, the concept of simplifying circuit structure and adopting virtual quadrature source is raised in combining with the power electronic conversion technologies. In this way the active and reactive power flows in the grid can be continually controlled respectively so as to enhance the power transmission capacity of the grid and the efficiency ofthe power system.

Several reviewers believe that this paper makes contributions to theoretical exploration, and keeps innovative in circuit structure, which is valuable in science. The proposed circuit structure has obviated the use of pre-output filter and the three-phase circuit has kept it from third-harmonic traps as well. The simplified circuit structure is capable in adjusting phase and amplitude of the voltage and applying impedance compensation. The correctness of theoretical analysis and the feasibility of the circuit structure have been proved by the outcome of experiments.

In the pursuit of raising and researching the idea of AC converter controllable in phase and amplitude, Professor Zhang has published 3 SCI first area journals in succession. His research is funded by NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China ), Chinese Postdoctoral  Research Foundation, Postdoctoral Research Foundation of Jiangsu Province and Open-end Foundationof Provincial Key Laboratory.