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Several indexes of Journal of Soochow University were in the front rank of periodical literatures reprinted by Renmin University of China

On March 31st, XiongSidong, President of Soochow University, chaired the SeventhDean Woking Conference at the Lecture Theatre in Children’s Hospital of Soochow University. The attendees included the vice president Yang Yixin, the vice president Jiang Xinghong, heads of relevant functional departments, all the deans and other chief administrative officers of research institutions of the university.

Before the conference was started, Feng Xing, president of Children’s Hospital of Soochow University, briefed the attendees on the basic situation of the hospital and the achievements made in recent years.

Liu Biao, Division Chief of Personnel Division, made a more detailed interpretation of current rules and regulations on introducing high-caliber talents and cultivating youth talents and Zhou Yi, Dean of Academic Affaires Office, gave a report on the progress of curriculum reform and pedagogical reform.Sun Qingmin, Director of Students' Affairs Division, made a summary on the work of undergraduate training for innovation and entrepreneurship. “We have established and consummated education mechanism of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship”, he pointed out,“and we will promote reforms on teaching system and curriculum setting and focus on the construction of practice platform.”

To solve the existing problems concerning school-assigned majors, vice president Jiang Xinghong put forward three suggestions:  to promote professional accreditation and make corresponding adjustments to optimize the number and structure of school-assigned majors;  to improve the teaching of existing majors; to implement professional management and to advance interdisciplinary construction.

Ren Ping, former School Investigator, outlined the development and outlook of C.W. Chu College of Soochow University. He stressed that C.W. Chu College was supposed to transform from “major-centered” to “student-centered” and commit itself to helping students with deepening their characters, cultivating creative thoughts and guiding their future development.

Zhang Hongxiao, Assistant to the president and Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Department Office, exchanged views on Sino-foreign cooperative education with other attendees. He said that we should promote the internationalization of the university, work out joint management mechanism of Sino-foreign cooperative education and establish  Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions.

XiongSidong, president of Soochow University, delivered a speech on the university’s future plan in terms of higher professional building and adjustment, reform of collegiate system, Sino-foreign cooperative education, undergraduate training for innovation and entrepreneurship and gave instructions respectively: to reduce enrollment, to improve the quality and to stimulate teachers’ initiative; to transform from “major-centered” to “student-centered” and to enhance the flexibility of curriculum; to be more goal-oriented, and to focus on the quality of cooperation as well as scale and to improve the university’s international fame; to establish an A+ platform with abundant resources for students who want to innovate or start a business.

In his concluding remarks, president Xiong fully affirmed the meaning and value of the Dean Working Conference and expressed his hope that through this brainstorming and thought-provoking conference, a consensus can be reached and a fruitful implementation plan be carried out. He pointed out that the focalpoint of this conference is undergraduate training. In other words, the university should further strengthen the undergraduate training and, meanwhile, enhance scholastic education quality.