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The Ecological Era and Classical Chinese Naturalism,translated by Associate Professor Meng Xiangchun from Foreign Language School, published worldwide

Recently,the world famous Springer Publishing Grouphas publisheda work The Ecological Era and Classical Chinese Naturalism translatedby Meng Xiangchun, Deputy Director of Translation Department of Foreign Language School with the digital version(DOI 10.1007/978-981-10-1784-1_1)published online as well.

The Ecological Era and Classical Chinese Naturalismis an English translationof Professor Lu Shuyuan’s masterpiece (the original title The Ghost of Tao Yuanming). This book explores deeply the thought of Chinese classical naturalism and provides a full display of Tao’s naturalistic philosophy as well as his other thoughts related to the Western “spiritual allies” idea, which serves as a paradigm of a poetic lifestyle against the ecological crisis in the modern world.The original book received a worldwide attention in academics and was awarded the 2014 Lu Xun Literature Prize for Criticism in China.

The Ecological Era and Classical Chinese Naturalism embodies seven parts: the foreword “Returning”; the first chapter “Tao Yuanming and the Meta-question of Humanity”; the second chapter “Tao Yuanming’s Natural Philosophy; the third chapter “Tao Yuanming and Naturalistic Romanticism”; the fourth chapter“The Evolving Perception of Nature and the Death of Tao Yuanming”; the fifth chapter “The Spector of Tao and the Plights of Contemporary Human Existence” and the conclusion “The Last Sacrifice and the Evocation”.

The original work enjoys a profound influence among academia both at home and abroad.In order to further promote this book in the west, Professor Meng Xiangchun produced a high-quality English translation with assistance of friends from the US and the UK including Carl Ballantine and Meng himself devoted endeavors of two years’ time to consulting tremendous  amount of English and Chinese literature. This translated version has been much praised by several prominent scholars overseas. John B. Cobb, Jr.,a member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences and venerable critic Scott Slovicwrite recommendationsof this work; Professor Mary Evelyn Tucker writes its foreword; Editor Neohelico, Professor Peter Hajdu, Professor Prasenjit Duara of Duke University, Professor Yrj Sepnm from Finland, Professor Peter I-min Huang from Tamkang University in Taiwan and American scholar Wang Zhihe all speak highly of the book and its translation. It is also reported that an international seminar related to this book is being in preparation.

The Ecological Era and Classical Chinese Naturalism is not the first English translation in the Foreign Language Schoolpublished by influential foreign pressesas the masterpieces like Mengxibitan, Familiar Essays of Ming and Qing Dynasty translated by Professor Wang Hong have been published by authorial press as well. At present, the Translation Department of Foreign Languages School is taking an initiative to put the "out-going" strategy of culture and literature into practice.With accumulating experience, rational medium and long term plan as well as highly qualified faculty, the Translation Departmentaims to make greater achievements in the English translation and promotion of Chinese classics, dramas, traditional culture and philosophical works, so as to make contributions to the development of the soft power of our country.