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Several indexes of Journal of Soochow University were in the front rank of periodical literatures reprinted by Renmin University of China

Recently,24 beautiful young ladies from Dongwu Art Troupe, with a performance of the featured Suzhou pingtan,went to Beijing for China Central Television (CCTV) May Flowers ----National Collegeand High School Student Art Performance. This is the third time that Dong WuArt Troupe has been invited to participate.

Asa brand TV programin honor of the Youth Day, May Flowers of CCTVis held by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, Ministry of Education and Central Communist Youth League. It was first launched in 2011, and has been on each year ever since. Through singing, dancing, painting, reciting, scene performance and other forms of performance,youngsters vividly present the achievements of the Communist Party leaders,contemporary college students’ admiration to the Party, their firm belief of following the footsteps of the Party, and also their strong will to strive for the causeof the Party and the people. This art performance also demonstrates the young’s positive spirituality, the unique style of the successors and talented constructors of China characteristic socialism cause.

These 24 beautiful young ladies from different grades and different departments of Soochow University gathered there to show their mutual enthusiasm for the stage.They will bring Jasmine Flower- Jiangsu folk song onto the stage of CCTV No.1 Studio. Through their performance of Pingtan,the students want to represent their youthful spirit and the typical charm of Jiangnan water town to the audience from all over the country.

Itis known that this year’s May Flowers will strive for the creative mashup and unveil the atmosphere of youth gala.And our program Jasmine Flower is abrand-new creative version. We do some innovations and adaptations on the basis of the original one, mixed up with the jazz piano, an upgraded version of folk music, and we want to make it more attractive to the audience, and carries the character of modernity as well.

Moreover,it is difficult for those members who are not native Suzhow to sing in Suzhou dialect. With the help of GU Yanhua, a teacher specialized in Pingtan in the Qiandeng Cultural Center, theycompleted the performance well. The Center for Arts Education in our school also invites Chen Ping (from Opera and Dance Theatre) to instruct their dancing.

“This is the third time that I have participated in May Flowers. Every time, I feel quitedifferent and always have a lot of fun,” said WANG Kang, the head of Dong WuArt Troupe, “and I have access to a lot of excellent talents and enjoy great performances. This is a golden opportunity for me to express myself and also improve myself.”

CAI Yuxin, afirst year student, said that she was so happy to gain a firsthand experience of this audio-visual feast.” Students from more than 60 schools and all the staff of CCTV, the executive director, prop group staff, every dancer,all the people devote themselves to the whole performance. “Everyone works around the clock to produce a magnificent party. It’s really a rewarding trip.”said Cai.