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Soochow University holds the First Farewell Bowl Students American Football Team Exhibition Match

On the afternoon of June 18th, an American football exhibition match named “Farewell Bowl” was held in the track-and-field ground of east campus. This was the first time for Soochow University to hold campus American football match and hundreds of teachers and students watched the whole match.

Deputy Secretary Jiang Zuojun made the opening speech and extended his sincere congratulations on the organization of this match. He pointed out that the aim of setting up the American football team in Soochow University is to promote sports culture in campus which contains the spirit of bravery, intelligence and coordination and to give students a full understanding of the charm of sports culture; holding “Farewell Bowl” football exhibition match during graduation season is not only for celebrating the graduation, but also for creating a new campus culture brand for Soochow University.

Then, the exhibition match began. Deputy Secretary Jiang Zuojun kicked off for this match. On the field, players of both offensive and defensive sides were in blue and gray. Wearing protective clothing such as helmet and scapula, they were running with the ball, colliding the defense or covering teammates. Making these joint efforts, their only objective was to score touchdowns for their teams. In order to help spectators be more familiar with match, the commentator gave patient and careful explanation of terminologies, technique and tactics, etc. in American football during the match. Players had heated confrontation with the ups and downs of the football, and the exciting match ignited the passion of spectators.

It is known that over thirty footballers participating in the first exhibition match are all from Soochow University Ranger American Football Team, the first university student American football team in Jiangsu Province. For more than a year since its establishment, fifty-odd students from School of Sports, Business School, School of Law, Wenzheng College, etc. had joined in it. All the players are supposed to undergo devil training for four hours each week, including basic physical training, positioning and coordination in football game. This team plans to participate in the match held by AFLC (American Football League China) in the second half of this year.