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President Wu Jingguo of IOC Culture and Olympic Inheritance Committee Visits Soochow University

On the morning of June 20th, Wu Jingguo, the President of Executive Committee of IOC (International Olympic Committee), IBF (International Boxing Federation) and IOC Culture and Olympic Inheritance Committee and the vice president of ASOIF (Association of Summer Olympic International Federations), visited Soochow University. Jiang Zuojun, the Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee and the Vice President of university, met with him at Honglou Conference Center. They discussed on cooperation, communication and other relevant matters of Olympic Games.

William Louis-Marie, the executive director of IBF, Li Feng, the vice president of Ali Sports, Zhou Zhifang, the director general of Suzhou Sports Bureau, Su Jiuhua, the chairman of Suzhou Gaoxin Recreation and Sports Group, Wang Guoxiang, the dean of School of Sports in Soochow University, Zhang Jianchu, the chairman of Soochow University Press Co., Ltd, Ji Wei, the deputy director of Domestic Cooperation Office, Ru Xiang, the deputy director of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office, Wang Jiahong, the director of Discipline Construction Leadership Council in School of Sports also attended the seminar.

Deputy Secretary Jiang Zuojun welcomed the delegation and thanked for the care and support given by President Wu to Soochow University, as well as his contribution in promoting Olympic culture in our campus. Secretary Jiang briefed the guests on the recent reform and development of Soochow University and pointed out the emphasis on areas like talent training, discipline construction and university-industry cooperation, especially on university culture construction including sports culture. On sports culture construction, two brand projects of Campus Marathon and American Football Match have great influence and appeal in teachers and students, helping them feel the charm of sports. Moreover, these projects are also good for carrying forward sports spirit and culture, showing the beauty of sports power and the healthy growth of students as well.

President Wu Jingguo thanked for the warm reception of Soochow University, and expressed that the long-term close contact between Soochow University and IOC helps it fully understand the recent news of Olympic Games and gain a good work foundation. He hoped the branch institute of IOA (International Olympic Academy), which was established in Greece, the source of Olympic Games,  could be constructed with the joint efforts  of Suzhou sports department, Soochow University  and Ali Sports,  so as  to  enhance  the influence of Olympic Games, promote Olympic culture and spirit and push forward the development of sports cause.

Vice president Li Feng said in his speech that Olympic spirit belongs to all mankind. As the sponsor of IOC, Ali Sports is very happy to have further cooperation with local governments and universities in cultivating professional sports talents, holding high-level sports games, communication and training, etc. and promote sports culture and education among youth.

Director Wang Jiahong said that apart from the historical origin with Olympic Games, Soochow University also has intensive study in sports culture, competitive events and competition system. Focused on boxing, he hoped to combine competitive events with mass sports and work together to build an international cultural city under the care and support of university leaders and president Wu as well as with the cooperation with local governments and enterprises.

After the meeting, all attendees had deep exchange on the second edition of President Wu’s Olympic and China and cooperation of sports projects among each party.