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President Xiong Sidong: Wish 2017 Graduates be Responsible, Optimistic and Hardworking

On June 28th, Soochow University 2017 Degree Awarding Ceremony was held in Dushu Lake Sports Center. Tens of thousands of people attended this ceremony, including university leaders Xiong Sidong, Yuan Yinnan, Lu Jianmei, Jiang Zuojun, Jiang Xinghong, Chen Weichang, members of Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, graduates with doctor, master and bachelor degrees in 2017, representatives of graduates families and friends, representatives of headmasters of graduates’ high school, representatives of the board of trustees of the university and schoolfellow, members of sub-committee under  Academic Degree Evaluation  Committee, postgraduates’ supervisors,  heads of relevant  departments of university, leaders  of each school and  college, representatives  of teacher, instructor and support crew.  The ceremony was presided over by Jiang  Zuojun, the Deputy Secretary of the  University Party Committee and the  Vice President of University.

Before official start of the ceremony, the play of warm-up video Missing Youcreated a departure atmosphere, which was enhanced by the wonderful warm-up performances by Soochow students. Students in School of Music played brass ensemble of Amazing Grace, Pomp and Circumstance and Ode To Joy; six graduates from School of Electronic Information, School of Sports, School of Music, School of Iron and Steel and College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science sang Song of Soochow University, Chengdu with Soochow University style and My future is not just a dream, winning loud applause from the audience.

Degree Awarding Ceremony began in the majestic national anthem, all the attendees stood up and sang the national anthem together. Meanwhile, six undergraduates who are members of The National Flag Group from School of Sports raised the national flag.

In accordance with Soochow University Statutes and Soochow University Degree Awarding Working Rules, in 2017, 5020 undergraduates got bachelor degrees, 3293 master degree candidates got master degrees, 345 doctoral candidates got doctor degrees. Professor Jiang Xinghong, the vice president of Academic Degree Evaluation Committee and the vice president of Soochow University read the decision of bachelor, master and doctor degree awarding made by Academic Degree Evaluation Committee.

Xiong Sidong, the president of Academic Degree Evaluation Committee and the president of Soochow University, sent best wishes to 8658 graduates. In his speech, president Xiong Sidong reviewed the school life of the past four years with graduates and shared growth stories of nine graduates in the university. He also compared the data of sampling survey of graduates in this year with that in last year and analyzed the “growth password” of 2017 graduates. He wished each student has achieved transformation and created own glories in Soochow University.

President Xiong hoped the graduates be responsible, that is to shoulder the responsibility endued by the times, integrate individual dream into the great “Chinese Dream”, do a good job for every one thing and treat each job as a cause; he hoped the graduates be optimistic, that is to be positive to each people and everything in work and life, be optimistic to twists and turns in life, be tolerant of treating new interpersonal relationship, be calmly to success and failure instead of blaming others, being anxious for success and giving up easily, be a real warrior in life; he also hoped the graduates be hardworking, that is to roll up sleeves, cast away all restraints and march forward, to do solid work from now on, be down-to-earth and achieve dream through struggle and practice.

In order to leave students a special memory of graduating, Soochow University prepared a commemorative badge for each graduate. At last, president Xiong hoped these graduates cherish all the experiences in campus and welcomed them come back often.

During the ceremony, graduates wore solemn academicals and went up on the stage by 30s in a row. Presiding professors issued the degree certificates and set the tassels straight for them successively, and took photos to mark the occasion.

At the end of the ceremony, all the attendees made common wishes for the bright future of graduates and Soochow University. Following the lead of six graduates, all the graduates sang Graduation Song together, and the presenter announced the completion of this ceremony.

In such a grand atmosphere, graduates enjoyed the joy of graduation. The live camera shooting by rocker arm camera and multiple video cameras is not only synchronized to rostrum and electronic large screen alongside auditorium, but also had live broadcast in Soochow University official Weibo, nearly tens of thousands of teachers and students witnessed this unforgettable moment with over 240 thousand netizens. The interaction from online to offline fully motivated the passion of audiences. “A full sense of ceremony, a strong feeling of tenderness!” “Thanks to my alma mater, this is indeed a memorable graduation ceremony.” Audiences praised the ceremony one after another.

President Xiong also turned the tassel for lucky graduates who commented in Wechat official account of Soochow University and took photo with them.