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The Fourth Basketball Culture Forum and International Seminar for the Development of Basketball held in Soochow University

On July 21st, the Fourth Basketball Culture Forum and International Seminar for the Development of Basketball, aiming at deepening the reform on Chinese basketball and promoting the development of the basketball culture and professional basketball in China, was held in Soochow University. Leaders and guests presented in the opening ceremony include Li Yingchuan, the deputy director general of the General Administration of Sports of China, Li Jinsheng, the director of the Basketball Management Center of General Administration of Sports of China, Yao Ming, the president of the Chinese Basketball Association, Yang Hua, the vice-president of the Chinese Basketball Association, Chen Gang,  the director of Jiangsu Sports  Bureau, Xu Meijian, the  deputy mayor of Suzhou, Jiang Yong, the  secretary of the Party committee of Soochow University,  and Deng Min, the deputy secretary and the  host of the  opening ceremony.

In his speech, Secretary Jiang Yong extends a cordial welcome to leaders, experts and scholars presented in the forum, and introduces the development progresses of Soochow University over the past century. He claims that the university has attached great importance to physical education and related scientific researches. Meanwhile, it also focuses on the development of mass sports and the cultivation of sports culture. Moreover, the university has made great progresses in the development of physical education in recent years. By holding the Basketball Culture Forum for the fourth time, the university could take advantage of this valuable opportunity to conduct systematic studies and further improvements. With all the valuable proposes and advices gathered from the experts and scholars presented, Professor Jiang hopes the forum could achieve complete success.

Deputy Mayor Xu Meijian points out in his speech that under the strategy of“integrated development of the privileged city and university”, the municipal government, together with Soochow University, would promote the deep integration between innovation resources (such as school talent, scientific researches, and intelligence) and the transformation of the economy and society in Suzhou, and build a community beneficial for the development of the region and the university. Finally, he hopes that the leaders and experts presented could support the development of various affairs in Suzhou as always.

In the keynote speech of Director Chen Gang, he expresses thatto facilitate the target of “Two Focuses and One High”, Jiangsu endeavors to build a strong province in the developments of sports, so as to match the blueprint of “power, prosperity, beauty and brilliance” in a new era. Considering the forum as a valuable opportunity, he hopes the basketball personnel could improve the level of basketball matches in Jiangsu and build a powerful province in basketball-playing by furthering the  communication and  exchanges between  one another, and  learning  advanced experiences accordingly.

Driven by wider acceptance andhigh socialization, the development of the basketball industry in China now enjoys a golden period, adds Director Li Jinsheng. In the years to come, the Chinese Basketball Association would focus on the purposes of deepening all-round reforms based on the co-effects  generated by the  settlement of a series  of problems,  including how to promote CBA League Matches, and how to improve the levels of economic developments, social civilization, and public health via the sport of basketball.

Witnessed by the leaders and guests, Deputy Director General Li Yingchuan, President Yao Ming, Director Li Jinsheng and Secretary Jiang Yong unveiled the nameplate of the Research Center for Basketball Culture of the Chinese Basketball Association.

After the unveiling ceremony comes the keynote speeches held by Professor Wang Jiahong, the vice-president of Jiangsu  Provincial Basketball  Association, and Professor   Wang Guoxiang, the president of the School of Physical Education of Soochow University. In his address themed “Chinese Basketball: The Newer, the Farther”, President Yao Ming introduces his ideas on the structural reforms of Chinese Basketball. He claims that analyzing from the current situations, the Chinese Basketball Association has conducted a series reforms and perfections in the management system and operation schemes of CBA League Matches, including those hot issues, such as the increases of game rounds, thepreparations for the League Matches among reserves, and the policies on external assistances. Via the process of self-renewal, CBA could strengthen  the influences of League Matches  and its brand culture. In addition to  the reforms on the schemes of CBA  League Matches, Yao also  mentions the future renewal  and updates to the development  of female basketball, the trainings  and recruitments towards related  talents, and foreign exchanges.  

Liu Zhan, the former president of the International Chinese Society for Physical Activities and Health, and the tenured professor of Springfield College, also explains the origin of basketball and its development culture and international influence in his speech themed “the Origin and Development Culture of Basketball and the Contributions of Springfield College”.

Soon afterwards, hosted by Adam Zhang, the CEO of Key-solution Sports Consultant Company, a  discussing meeting  begins among  the honorable  guests presented,  including Yang Hua, the vice-president of the Chinese  Basketball Association and former Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Sport University, Yao Songping, the former vice-president of the Chinese Basketball Association and former president of Shanghai University of Sport, Zhang Xiong, the general manager for matches of In the FIBA (Beijing) Sports Co., Ltd., Liu Zhan, the former president of the International Chinese Society for Physical Activities and Health and tenured professor of Springfield College, and Wu Jian, Director of the Research Center for Physical, Health and Arts Education of National Institute of Education Sciences. Professor Liu Zhan believes the prevalence of basketball in China has provided a valuable market and great opportunities. In this case, it is necessary to build an effective mechanism and tap the potential of youngsters in the sport of basketball by holding various league matches. In the opinion of Wu Jian, sport is a major manifestation of a nation’s soft power. Given the immense spaces for the development of basketball, it is important to support the game with related industries while promoting the plan of campus basketball and drawing the attention of teens via the method of “thinking for basketball”. In terms of the combination of sports and education, Vice President Yang Hua claims the sports activities, matches and related courses offered in schools, should all lay their roots in physical education. Meanwhile, the education in schools also matters in the professionalism of high-level sports competitions. Hence, we should take advantage  of supports from the  society, and develop  the cause of  sports by  improving the  morality, intelligence  and art awareness of students in an all-round way. Moreover, Mr. Yao  Song Ping emphasizes the necessity  to strengthen the  scope  and depth of the studies on the basketball culture, for he believes that, as a sport valuing both individuality and teamwork, basketball actually provides a new perspective for teaching and education, and shall play a great role in promoting mass sports. With CUBA serving as an important channel for the cultivation of basketball talents in China, Mr. Zhang Xiong remarks that the skills of college students have been improved steadily. With the transition of cultivation modes, selecting professional basketball players from universities would become a development tendency in the future.

On the afternoon, experts and scholars presented in the forum have made in-depth discussions in the meeting  center at the Laura Haygood  Memorial  mainly  on four  topics, namely, “studies on basketball culture”, “studies on competitive basketball”, “studies on basketball industry” and “studies on reforms of basketball”.

Before the opening ceremony, Secretary Jiang Yong and Deputy Secretary Deng Min of the Party Committee of Soochow University meet the guests presented and have a group photo taken in the meeting center at the Laura Haygood Memorial

It is reported that besides the forum, the City also hosts the 2017 International Men’s Basketball Challenge and International Basketball Culture Week at the same time. These events, not only represent the powerful measures taken by the local government and Soochow University under the strategy of “integrated development of the privileged city and university”, but promote the future reforms and development of basketball in China.