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The Major of communication engineering passed the accreditation of CEEAA

Recently, the China Engineering Education Accreditation Association has released the accreditation results of the majors regarding the education of engineering in 2016. After a series of strict procedures from self-evaluation, on-site investigations of the experts group, the examination of sub-association (pilot working team) to the final examination committee for accreditation results, 205 majors from different universities in the country passed the examination, including the major of communication engineering from Soochow University, whose valid period lasts from January 2017 to December 2019.

As the first engineering program in Soochow University passing the accreditation of CEEAA, the major of communication engineering breaks the ground for the engineering education in the university, brings a new platform for the internationalization of the engineering education, and bestows valuable experiences for the construction and development of other engineering majors. Meanwhile, it also represents a step forward on the road of deepening the reforms in teaching and education and promoting the quality of teaching and education in an all-round way.

It is learned that the accreditation of majors regarding engineering education in China started from 2006, and was accepted as a reserve by Washington Accord, the most influential international accord for the mutual recognitions of the bachelor degrees of engineering in 2013. After the official investigation, China eventually became a full member on June 2nd, 2016. In accordance with Washington Accord, students who study in the program accredited by the member state, could serve as a certified engineer in related countries and regions by following local requirements. In this case, the Accord provides engineering students with a standard “permit” accepted by other members under the frame for their marching towards the world. As an important content for undergraduate engineering programs during the 12th Five-Year Plan, the accreditation of majors regarding engineering education is not only an essential measure for universities and colleges to promote the reforms in engineering education, but a pivotal symbol indicating the internationalization of engineering education. It is a necessary part of the ‘five-in-one’ evaluation system proposed by the Ministry of Education as well as a crucial fundament of the mutual recognitions of engineering education and the qualification of engineers among countries.