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Head of the Laos National Economic Research Institute Visited the Soochow University in Laos

On September 19th, the leaders from relevant divisions of the Laos National Economic Research Institute visited Soochow University in Laos. The visitors were led by Bouasone Bouphavanh, the former prime minister of the country and the current president of the institute. Together with the administrative personnel, Vice President Huang Xing of the Laos Soochow University in Laos extended a cordial welcome to the delegation.

At the same time,President Huang expressed his gratitude to Bouasone’s supports to the Soochow University in Laos. After a detailed introduction on the historical progresses, the current status of schooling, the campus construction, and the future development plans of the university, President Huangmade a concrete report on the university’s efforts to program construction, talent cultivation and social services, as well as its contributions to the cooperation between the bilateral sides in areas like education, sciences and technologies. Huang claimed that the parental Soochow University in China attached great importance to the construction and development of the Soochow University in Laos, and would pay particular attention to promote the campus construction herein,expand the scale of schooling, and better its future achievements. By deepening the communication and cooperation with the local government and all the communities engaged, the Soochow University in Laos would play a greater role in cultivating more excellent talents and promoting the social and economic development of Laos.

After learning the detailed report of President Huang, Mr. Bouphavanh made a passionate speech, and expressed his satisfaction with the great achievements made by Soochow University in the past few years in talent cultivation and campus building. As the first foreign university introduced to Laos, Soochow University also serves as the first university approved by the Chinese government to run overseas. As stated by Mr. Bouphavanh, judging from the positive influences exerted on the talent cultivation and social development of Laos, it is a perfect choice to have Soochow University operated in the country. To respond to the invitation from the Chinese government, Mr. Bouasone would visit China in the coming October, and he promised to visit the Soochow University during his trip. He said, holding an Honorary Doctoral Degree of Soochow University, it's his dream and duty to make a speech and communicate with teachers and students there as an alumnus.

After the speech,Mr. Bouphavanhand the delegation also made a field trip to the new campus of Soochow University at the Xaysetha district of Vientiane.

Members of the delegation include: Bounlath KEO ASA, Office Director of the National Economic Research Institute of Laos;Phetsai PHIATHEP, Director of the Research Center for the Development Policies on the Internationalization of Enterprises; and Aloun PHONVIX, Director of the Office of International Exchange. Besides, Mr. Thanome THAMTHONG, the head of the Xaysetha district of Vientiane, and many other administrators of the local government also visit the new campus together with the delegation.