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Facilities Maintenance and Network Information

"Regulations for Repair Center of the Logistics Department"

In order to make logistics more efficient and accessible, the logistics department has designed a new repair management system in addition to a 24-hour repair phone hotline as well as a web page so students can apply for repairs online or on their phones at any time.

1. The main services:

Campus housing and public facilities maintenance and repairs.

2. Report for repairs

1) 24-hour repair hotline:

2) Online report: Home Page- Public Services- Logistics Department- Online Repair (or) Home Page-Departments- Logistics Department- Online repair

3. Center Address:

Room 0407, 4th Floor, Lingyun Building, East Campus.

4. Regulations for the Center:

1)   Repair center will deal with all the maintenance projects and repairs within a provided time frame. Our staff should be patient and polite and provide professional answers.
2)   All repair projects should be put into the maintenance management system and non-working period repair tasks should be typed in time.
3)    The repair center is responsible for notifying the relevant personnel to investigate the scene within one hour, and the implementation of maintenance tasks should normally be completed within 24 hours.
4)   The repair center is responsible for verifying maintenance work, checking the completion of the tasks and updating relevant information online.
5)    If the maintenance work or the repairs are delayed by the purchase of the materials needed, the staff should tell the resident in advance.
6)    If the cost for the maintenance work or the repairs is over 1000 yuan, the staff should report to the administrator as well as the resident.
7)    Special emergency repair projects will be done immediately and should be reported as soon as possible.
8)   If the project is out of our work ability, the repair center will inform the department concerned to deal with the task.

5.  Remember:

1)   Hotline: 65881112, and do not dial the shortened group number.
2)   For emergency repairs, please dial the hotline.
3)    If materials need purchasing, the resident may have to wait for repairs.
4)    If the cost is more than 1000, follow the Trial Procedures for Maintenance Projects and Repairs at Soochow University.