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The Student Clubs which Welcome International Students

Taekwondo Club of Suzhou University (School of Politics and Public Management)

Taekwondo Club of Suzhou University is open to all students (including undergraduates, graduate students, self-taught students, and overseas students) and is active in organizing various activities. Each club member is required a 10yuan membership fee each semester. By means of training, competitions, performances and other forms, the club aims to build a platform for its members to improve their skills, to perform wellin competitions and to make new friends. Renowned Taekwondo athletes, Olympic taekwondo champion Wu Jingyu, and many other outstanding people have taken part in the activities of this club. WuJingYu role in the independent film "Taekwondo Road" featureshis personal insight on why it is so important for college students to participate in sports and practice self-control.

Soochow Crosstalk Club (School of Social Sciences)

Soochow Crosstalk Club was founded in 2007.The club members take part in the“Crosstalk Conference”,“CrosstalkContest" and other annual activities.It offers a good opportunity for the students to learnthe art of crosstalk, to develop student interest in it, and toenhancetheir professional skills. In recent years, the club has beencooperating with "Smile Appear",a famous crosstalk group in Suzhou, andthe club hasinviteda number of high-level crosstalk performances to come to the campus.Additionally, some off-campus professional teachers provide guidance to its members, which has provided a strong support for the protection of national cultural heritage and enriched our campus’ culture.

Chinese Club (School of Humanities)

Chinese Club was founded in 2004. It is open mainly to overseas students.Throughthe Chinese Corner and the Foreign Songs Contest, it provides training opportunities for Chinese students. Since its founding, it has been attracting attention from overseas students who quickly become very active in the offered activities.The club is a good opportunity for overseas students to better integrate into Chinese society and culture while learningChinese. In addition, it has been a good pre-trial for cultural communication and has exerted great influence on both Chinese and foreign students. Most noteworthy is that the club is now the only one to get recognized as a fixed partner by teachers and students of South Korean Chinese University.The club has also reached a long-term agreement with the short-term students from Thailand.

“Mayday” Music Club (Medical College)

Mayday Music Club is a very influential music group at Soochow University. Since its founding,it has included many big names likeFire Guns, Tricycles, and The Doctors.The club is organized by overseas students and other groups, and providesall kinds of services for music lovers. It holds annual and other appealing concerts, Mid-Autumn concerts, Music Culture Week, the Campus Singer Competition and other activities.

Soochow University Model United Nations Association (The School of Foreign Languages)

Model United Nations Association is committed to bean important part of Soochow University. All of the association membersfocus ondeveloping analytical skills related to international affairs. Members performstrong research,and practice dialogue, cooperation and communication skills in English. Through a series of training seminars, leaders guide members to be mock diplomats and discuss real world problems. During these conferences students are developing their leadership skills, sense of responsibility, and the understanding of whatrole an individual and a country can play in the international arena. Eventually,members of our club could become full-developed diplomats. In addition, it also selects outstanding members to participate in the regional,national,and international Model United Nations Conferences.Members are broadening their horizons and bringing new vitality to campus life and honor for the school. Through this opportunity,the Soochow University Model United Nations Association establishesa platform for aspiring students to engage in diplomacy and helps to cultivate future talents for our country.

Soochow Finance and Economics (Dongwu Business School)

Soochow Finance and Economics (SFE) is a group founded in 1985, centered on academic journals and project completion. Operated in a semi-entrepreneurial mode and managed with the focus on teamwork, Soochow Finance and Economics, after years of efforts, has become an integrated organization of developing ideas and projects in finance, English, tourism, culture, entertainment, and talent management.

Rizhishe (Dongwu Business School )

Rizhishe is the only college-level group that centers on activities of Japanese culture at SU. It encourages its members to get to know Japan and to learn basic Japanese through watching original Japanese films and animations. In addition, it also helps to spread Japanese culture. It aims to broaden the horizons of students and to make campus life more colorful through a series of activities. Some activities include communication events between Japanese and Chinese students and themed-lectures made by Japanese teachers (Chinese and foreign).

Red Cross (Medical College)

A five-star society, the Red Cross has been committed to public welfare both inside and outside the school. Since its foundation in 2008, it has been a desirable platform for college students to learn more about the grassroots and their needs, and to cultivate themselves preparing themselves for their future career through events such as blood donation, service in the countryside, spreading health information into the community and other activities. In December 2013, the society was honored as one of the “Top Ten Outstanding Youth Fraternity Summer Practice Teams of Jiangsu Province."