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Success Stories

Case 1: Suzhou Sudawei Digital Optical Image Co., Ltd.

Taking advantage of digital laser imaging technology from Soochow University, and with the help of social investments, Suzhou Sudawei Digital Optical Image Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2001. The company has a registered capital of 50 million and specializes in software applications for digital laser imaging, digital laser holographic plate-making technology and equipment, processing technology of new laser packaging materials, and the R&D and production of optical information processing systems. This company is currently one of the top professional companies in the field in China, and it has also won several prizes across the country and is widely recognized by the nation as well as Jiangsu Province. At present, the company has successfully been listed on the GEM (Stock Code: 300331). The company also has a provincial research center – the Jiangsu Province Engineering Research Center for Digital Optical Imaging and Novel-Printing. This center is jointly set up by Suzhou Sudawei Digital Optical Image Co., Ltd. and the Information Optical Engineering Institute of Soochow University. This center is equipped with the largest and the most advanced laser holographic facilities in China.

Case 2: Suzhou Saier Immune Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Saier Immune Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 with a registered capital of 18.3 million yuan. Since then, it has grown to having an asset size of more than 40 million yuan. A new workshop building was completed in July 2007 and the company officially moved to a new site in Suzhou Singapore Industrial Park (SIP), covering an area of 9778m2. The GMP Production Workshop covers 6200m2, the Quality Control Workshop 400m2, the R & D Centers 2500m2 (including the Key Thrombosis Hemostasis Laboratory of Ministry of Health), and an operation and management workshop has an area of about 1000m2. In February 2008, the company was completely established and qualified with a mature monoclonal antibody production line and an in vitro diagnostic reagents GMP workshop.
 The company focused on monoclonal antibody technology and they analyze the market of diagnosis and treatment related to blood problems. Based on their judgment and the need for their work, they produce blood group antibodies series reagents, blood cancer diagnostic kits and thrombotic cardiovascular disease diagnostic kits as the basic products. In addition, they also research, produce and sell micro-column gel blood cards, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases liquid chips and humanized antibodies antithrombotic drugs. The company is one of the innovative high-tech enterprises in bio-pharmaceutical field.

Case 3:  Suzhou Mingshi Optical Co., Ltd.

With the technical help of the Soochow University Institute of Modern Optics, Suzhou Mingshi Optical Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2002 with a registered capital of 14.63 million yuan. It was recognized in 2011 as a high-tech private enterprise by Jiangsu Province.
After nine years of development, the company has become one of the top progressive multifocal lens glass mold resin suppliers in the world. The company produces various types of progressive multifocal molds, anti-fatigue molds, and is able to produce 8-axis aspherical on both sides of the molds which are all of the world's highest level. The company is highly innovative, holds many patents, and some of the products produced here are internationally unique. The products for the domestic first-class lens manufacturer are always accepted as substitutions for the imported ones. Meanwhile, our company is the only supplier for freeform surface software for cars and houses and progressive spectacle lenses in the world.

Case 4: Suzhou BoShi Robotics Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou BoShi Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in robotics technology development and industrialization. The company has a strong comprehensive entrepreneurial team. Relying on the National Key Laboratory of Robotics Technology, the Key Laboratory of Advanced Robotics of Jiangsu Province, the Robotics Institute from Harbin Institute of Technology, and the Soochow University Robotics and Microsystems Research Center, the company has strong technical reserves and a rich talent pool. Suzhou BoShi Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. deals with different market segments for robotics research, development, and marketing. Recently, education and entertainment robots have realized industrialization and are an emerging field. The company has been exploring large-load industrial robots and MEMS packaging and testing equipment robots in small batch trials. More and more producers are launching into the market. In the Science and Technology Park, the company has achieved sales of more than 2 million in 2012, and has recently recieved an investment of 3 million yuan.