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Soochow University Education Development Foundation

Soochow University Education Development Foundation is a non-public foundation. Approved by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, it was established on November 16th, 2006. The tenets of the Foundation include abiding by the national laws and codes, strengthening the relationship and cooperation between Soochow University and all circles both at home and abroad, collecting school funds, giving awards or financial assistance to teachers and students of Soochow University, as well as promoting the educational development of Soochow University.

With the idea of "Converge streams of money from all sources to support educational undertakings," the Foundation has been given generous support from all circles of the society ever since its inception. In just a couple of years, the Foundation has strictly complied with relevant national regulations, implemented the Foundation Articles, strenuously exercised its tenets, and thus won extensive recognition. Every annual inspection has received praise from its competent unit and registration authority. In 2007, it acquires the qualification for Jiangsu non-profit public welfare organizaitons and foundations for pre-tax deduction of donations. In 2008, Soochow Univerisity Education Development Foundation was invited as one of the two representatives of Building Conference organized by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. In 2009, the Foundation acquired a 5-year qualification for Jiangsu non-profit public welfare organizations and foundations for pre-tax deductoion of donations.

It is the Foundation's eternal theme to vogorously develop the public welfare activities. Since its inception, the Foundation has carried out a series of colorful public welfare activities, invested many financial and material resources, and gained wide praise from the society. Excellent teachers and students have been rewarded, students from less-privileged families have received financial support, laboratory apparatus and equipment have been upgraded, and high-level academic exchanges have been smoothly carried out, etc.

With the development and growth of Soochow University Education Development Foundation, it will surely make a positive contribution to help the university attain its goal of "domestically first-calss, internationally prestigious high-level univeristy."