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The School of Business at Soochow University traces its history back to the Finance and Economics Department of Soochow University, which was founded in 1982 when the School of Soochow Finance joined Soochow University. With the approval of Jiangsu Provincial Government and a substantial financial support from the Finance Department of Jiangsu Province, the Finance and Economics Department of Soochow University was renamed as the Finance and Business School of Soochow University in June 1985. This school was the earliest secondary academic institute at Soochow University. In 2002 the Finance and Business School of Soochow University changed its name to the School of Business, Soochow University. In April 2010, Soochow University signed an agreement with Soochow Securities Co., Ltd to co-develop the School of Business. 

The School of Business consists of seven departments which include Department of Economics, Department of Taxation, Department of Finance, Department of International Economics and Trade, Department of Business Administration, Department of Accounting, and Department of e-Commerce. There also exist three academic institutes (Rural Economy Institute, World Economy Institute, Finance and Accounting Institute), one research center (Center for Smarter Supply Chain), and one education center (Center for Master of Business Administration). 

The School of Business runs two post-doctoral stations (Applied Economics and Business Administration), offers one doctoral program as Level I discipline (Applied Economics), four doctoral programs in the Leven II discipline (Finance, Taxation, Regional Economics, Enterprise Management), and 14 master-level programs including Finance, Taxation, Enterprise Management, World Economics, Regional Economics, Political Economics, Industrial Economics, International Trade, Accounting, Master of Business Administration, Master of Accounting, Master of Finance, Master of Taxation, and Master of International Trade. The School also provides one concentration on International Accounting (CGA) and nine undergraduate programs which include Finance, Taxation, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, Financial Management, e-Commerce, International Trade, and Marketing. In 2011 the Chinese Ministry of Education granted the School of Business to set up the program of "Finance (Sino-Foreign cooperation)"as an undergraduate major. The Finance program at the School of Business is recognized as the key discipline with an outstanding reputation in Jiangsu Province. Meanwhile, the Accounting program is credited with provincial specialty.      

The School of Business has a faculty of high academic caliber. There are 166 employees which include 136 full-time faculty, 14 PhD advisors, 30 full professors, 71 associate professors, and 32 assistant professors. Among them, 75 have doctoral degrees or are studying for a doctoral degree; two have been awarded the State Council Special Allowance; one has been conferred the title of the National Outstanding Young Expert; two have been elected into the Trans-Century Excellent Talents Program of the Ministry of Education; six have been recognized as the recipients of the 333 Project in Jiangsu Province; one is the distinguished professor in Jiangsu Province; one is honored with the Dongwu High-level Talent Project; four have been elected into the "Qing-Lan Project". The school also hires more than 30 adjunct professors from national or overseas top-tier research universities. Currently, the School enrolls around 2,500 undergraduate students; 400 of them are enrolled as double majors. There are also over 1,000 graduate students, including doctoral candidates and master-level students. 

The School of Business values academic research and collaboration with external research universities. Specifically, it has already developed joint training programs with many overseas universities such as University of Victoria, Laurentian University, Furtwangen University, SKEMA, Canberra University, Deakin University, and Taiwan Soochow University. Meanwhile, the School boasts strong academic research capabilities. Since its foundation, it has hosted multiple national and international academic conferences. In the past few years, the School of Business has undertaken more than 300 projects sponsored by the national, provincial, and municipal governments, has issued more than 250 books, has published more than 1,200 academic papers, and has acquired more than 180 academic awards.  

With a motto of "cultivating liberty and wisdom to empower the world, studying business education and strategy to enrich our country", the School of Business of Soochow University establishes its vision to be one of the first-tier Business Schools in China with a well-known international reputation. With a goal to satisfy economic development and to contribute to the regional economic development, the School has implemented multi-level and multi-channel training programs and had nurtured a large amount of business administration talents who have successfully made magnificent contributions to the development of national economy, especially to the economic and social development of Jiangsu Province. In return, the School of Business has accumulated an outstanding social reputation.

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